I think the most compelling blogs are the ones that let you see inside someone else’s life. I have no idea why comparing their mundane details against my mundane details is absolutely riveting. But one of my favorite bloggers described in detail the immacculant system she has devised for her closet. Since I have followed her transformation over the last 3 years, I know what kind of accomplishment this was. And I was glued to the computer, taking note, thinking wow– I need to try that. I do not think I have even seen my brother’s closet much less know the intimate details of how it got that way. But I guess blogging and reality TV make voyeurism okay. And for every person willing to share the inside of their closet and the deeper story of how she got there and what it represents, there is someone out there that needs to hear it.

So as I surfed the radio stations during my 5 minute commute to work, I happened upon a radio show talking about one of their DJs skipping town to meet up with a woman he met online and pretty much taking a leave of absence to clear his head. The parent company is giving him 30days to do so. So what do his coworkers do on the air but CALL HIM. And they proceed to grill him on the air. I am actually feeling quite sorry for this guy. He needed to check out of his day to day life for a little while and they drag him back ON THE AIR. I changed the station just on principle alone.

Sometimes I take breaks from blogging to just deal with what is going on. And not always bad–I seem to have checked out the last couple of times I started a new relationship. For me that was just something I needed to sort out privately. Blogging was good for me when I was getting over a break up. But I’d like to think I blog about enough mundane things. I mean hell this is theoretically a knitting blog.

Haven’t been knitting at all this week. Spinning just a little(only because the looming deadline of LEAF is real). The invitations have to go out by Monday. I even brought them to Stitch and Bitch last night. My fellow SnBer thought I was insane for opting to handbuild 100 invites. But I am an art director, could not let this one go. I had to design my own invites. I used to make the most kick ass party invite on a shoestring budget. I am only a little stressed, but actually like doing the hand building. It feeds the closet bookmaker that gets edged out but all the fiber art stuff. Besides. I have to kick them out in a hurry so I can get to the new loom waiting patiently in the corner. Expect a detailed blog entry on that.