Let me tell you I spent 6 weeks freaked out over bridesmaids. I am not the kind of girl who has a half dozen sorority sisters and a BFF to line up next to me at that big church ceremony. And actually it would have been just fine with me to not have a single attendant. B asked his BFF to be his best man the week after we got engaged. So, I decided I needed pick at least one of my friends to do the honors. Although I have to admit once you hit 40 it is actually almost like asking your “LYLAS” best friend to endure a firing squad in an ugly dress. We have all been bridesmaid once, twice, maybe seven times and chances are they were not the most memorable moments in a girls life. Although I do remember the hairstyle I endured for my brother’s wedding…and I am still recovering from it.

There are good friends who I am a little out of touch with. Friends who are too far away. Friends here? While I would love to plan a wedding with my posse, it just did not feel right for what seemed to be small reasons. And I did not want to hurt anyones feeling either way. I was really over-thinking it altogether.

After having a conversation with my mom over the woes of picking a maid of honor, I blurted out the names 2 people I really wish that I could have with me when I marry my sweetie. “It is your day and you can do whatever you think feels right”

So I slept on it. I read the etiquette bible guide. Once I checked the comfort level of all parties involved to make sure we were all okay with my unorthodox selection, I broke tradition and I chose my oldest friend who I LYLAS

Etiquette says he is really called a best man. I like to think of him as my Dude of Honor. And no I am not making him wear an ugly dress.