It has been sitting in the stash for almost 2 years now. A wickedly soft 5 ounce or so ball of alpaca lace weight yarn. You may remember my defeat in the Knitting Olympics 2006. I only made it two entralac rows into the pattern. Despite giving it my best and as much as I loved the pattern, there was no way I could finish in the allotted 2.5 weeks. Being a part of a knitting phenomenon was awesome. But once the knit along came to an end, I really did not feel very motivated to keep working the project. Even though I loved the pattern, a white lace shawl just was not very practical for me. It has been languishing in the UFOs ever since then.

Seriously, when would I ever I wear such an extravagant–albeit lovely–intricate lace shawl. You know… me–who NEVER wears a shawl.

Well I kind of have a reason now…

It happened on Groundhogs Day. After a great afternoon at B.B. Barnes planning out our first garden together, B took a detour to a near by park. And on one knee asked me to marry him… And I said “Are you serious?”

But then I said yes.

So at 41, I will be getting married for the first time, and he was well worth the wait. The date is set for late September and I am hoping to drape myself in the lovely Forest Path Shawl.