On my sock yarn label it reads: Limited Edition Fiberart by Stacey Budge. Meaning, I really did not intend to be dying the same thing over and over. But I have settled into a system. And with wholesale orders it just becomes easier when I send a sample card and say this is what I dye.

But with fabulous and popular colorways like Avé Maria Sangria or Playing With Matches, I just keep pimping the same colors while the demand is there. I have been dying this “limited” edition for about a year now. It is way past time for some new colors. And I have been mulling over the possibilites for months now as I dye the same ole same ole.

Enter Babette.

I borrowed this picture from Interweave.

One of the 40 groups I belong to in Ravelry, is the BAHBCA group(it stands for Babette & Hexagon Blanket Crochet Anonymous – For those of us who just can’t seem to stop). And let me tell you I can not stop. I think admitting you have an addiction is the first step. Before I gush on about my addiction to how I can’t stop making the cute little squares (Hmmm…more cute…I may be turning Japanese) First let me say I am not a big fan of any afghan like project. I think it is a lot of yarn for a thing that the cat will undoubtable use more than I will (and no doubt vomit on). And second it is crochet. I am not a big fan of most crochet like fabic, but I seem to love love love making medalions and granny squares. I have just yet to come across may patterns that justify all that yarn.

Babette is justifiable even despite the fact that it is an AFGHAN!!! First it is made from cute little Koigu yarn (see…and Koigu even sounds Japanese). And it looks like the background of a Klimt painting. I like the Heaxgon blanket from this group as well, but the different size concentric squares really make babette beautiful and interesting.

So, I started to play with the yarn I had on hand. I even toyed with the idea of a hand spun remnant or stash buster babette (and I still might do one or two or seven…What with my addiction and all)

I have been collecting a lot of Koigu yarn in hopes of eventually pooling it together for something (sweater? legwarmers? Charllote’s web shawl?) I just started making some squares. And then making some more squares. I probably need about another $100 worth of Koigu according to the pattern. And believe me nothing would please me more than shopping for $100 dollars more Koigu. But I had a thought.

I need more superwash for babette AND some new colorways for the Sock yarn. A wholesale customer had made a suggestion for some sort of solidish yarns. In 2oz skeins that complimented the existing “limited” edition, one could have contrasting heels, toes and cuffs. Plus I would have some more babette yarn. See how powerless I am over my addiction. Yarn business hell it is really all about the Babette. This stuff is soaking as I type this.

So other than to say my hour of Me time is up. I am posting a picture of Samson for someone who has bitched about my not posing enough pictures of the pets.