When did it get so hard to blog? Look another 2 weeks gone by without an entry. Oh that’s right….my computer at home is dead. I guess the upside of being offline is there is more time to knit, spin, dye and hike with B.

It is good to have my spinning wheel back in action. But I have been compelled to work on yarn for a sweater for me. Six coordinating balls of yarn that I just could not part with once I spun them. I have an idea for a simple rustic off center cardigan. But I have some swatching to do. I need to see how the color progression should play out.

And I have been itching to play with some new colorways. I have had a few festering in my head all summer. I suppose once I get through the next yarn deadline, I can actually get to them.

But the big news…and I am knocking on wood as I say this…my house might be done this week…maybe even today. The only thing lacking is hooking up the dishwasher and for whatever reason this project hseems to be the thorn in Joe the contractor’s side. But the plumber is there today so maybe….nope won’t say it. requisite pictures to come.