God has it really been a week since I have posted. I want really bad to just spend an evening with the amazing Ravelry.com. But since I am working off of an archaic OS9 computer at home (which by the way MANY MANY MANY web sites no longer support the OS9 browsers) and I would rather dig my eyes out with a spoon than have to sit in front of my work computer any longer than absolutely necessary, I have not been able to fill my notebook with profile info, projects and wish lists. Then again in the Big Stash Rehash 2007â„¢ I am realizing some of my projects have been on needles long enough to go out of fashion. It is embarrassing, really. I assure you am am no fashion plate by any stretch of the imagination. But I’d like to think I have a little bit of personal style, and I tell you the 7 year old WIPs are not doing it for me. While some of the WIPs are just patterns that do not interest me anymore i.e. I really would NOT wear it even if I completed it satisfactorily. Others I am rethinking my choice of yarn back in the day when I was not so adept at getting gauge or appropriate drape. So I am wiping the slate clean frogging a frighteningly large number of UFOs and pulling the handful of sweaters (and socks) that are worth of finishing (most have been on the needled for a mere 3 years or less). Who knows. I might be posting some of the stash on EBAY or ETSY.

So while surfing Ravelry over lunch, I came across this sweater. The pattern is a free download.

After dropping 2 needle sizes to narrowly get gauge, I began it in a rayon/silk mill end at Earth Guild. I have some really cool buttons made from flat river rocks that will look perfect with it.

B and I went to see Bourne Ultimatum so I made some great progress in the theater. And the tension was nice and tight since the flick was packed with action scenes from opening credits to closing credits.

So they might be finished with my house this week. Yes I said it, probably jinxed it to all hell, but truly, the breakfast bar tile will be done today…as will the mantel and the dishwasher. I know I have not posted any progress pix, but I have been so over the construction thing I just have not had the heart to take any. Maybe after today when the progress actually looks like something interesting. This morning I noticed the overgrown weeds on the side of the house near the new foundation wall was actually this

Wild Datura! Almost makes me want to get out and pull the yard back in shape….almost.