Dead. Deader than a rock dead. The IT guy from work who was kind enough to run some diagnostic stuff on it stood over my cube shaking his head. “I hope you had a back up” Backup? The CD drive died 2 years ago…no I don’t have a back up. Shit. But there really is just a hand full of things I can think of that I would want to retrieve (you know like last years tax return, my yarn business plan, photos of Moosie that did not make it to the blog…) So I will hang onto that overpriced paper weight just in case the IRS requires me to produce said files for an audit.

So for now I am blogging from work. Might as well I am just too busy to blog at home.

So since my last post, the yarn dying thing exploded. In case you are one of the 3 readers who did not get the shameless self promotional email from Moi, I was the July Featured Artist at You can still read (or reread) that interview here. Sorry, no more UrbanGypZ Yarn there. But I did complete that 100 or so skein order for The Loopy Ewe. She sold out of it in 10 days. 10 DAYS PEOPLE!!! So I have a new order from the fabulous Miss Sheri that is due to shipearly to mid September. I have a few new colorways festering in my head if only I can get the time to just sit down and play with colors.

And I finished that Mountain Biz Works class…presented my business plan and now have a model for making a move from yarn-as-a-hobby to yarn-as-an-actually-business-venture. But it is kind of moving that way regardless. It is exciting, but damn…a lot of work.

So Emily organized a fabulous Knitacular last month the weekend of my birthday. Six girls from the Raleigh/Durham area rented this crazy-cute llama farm cabin just minutes from town. During the frenzy, I carved time to hang with the knitters, some of whom I met at SAFF last year. But rather than a flurry of weekend yarn and fibery adventures, I found six women who had planned a weekend to luxuriate in their knitting and their serene surroundings. By damn, they were actually having a mini-vacation. Mini-vacation? Quest que sais? Knitting that did not feel like a deadline? When did my knitting become something that felt like pressure–social or otherwise?

Here is a couple images I swiped from Heather and Emily

It is all of us sitting on the back porch of the cabin looking at this:

We were there for a couple of hours. Every once and a while someone would say…”maybe we should fire up the grill and start dinner”…no one would move…we would just knit some more. “Maybe we could turn on the hot tub”…”Can I bring my knitting?” We did break to make dinner and have birthday ice cream over our knitting. I pried myself away some time after 11pm.

That weekend, I realized is I need a real vacation. One that is not in Asheville. Or a cabin that is close enough for me to run home to handle something because it will not leave my mind. One where I will not bring the laptop (well okay laptop IS dead…I could not use it any way, but I mean no temptation to get on the net and handle business) or the spinning wheel for that matter (because then it is all about production for ETSY/the shop/my class). Just my knitting…the stuff I am doing for me. The mojo that at one time would have me in that zone where I am relaxed and at peace. The knitting Buddah mind. What happen to knitting as the new yoga? Am I just a yarn factory knitting to promote the yarn? Okay I have been knitting some hat samples for a class I am teaching. But I have been playing with the yarn. I have a sweater I want to make just because…who has time? Where has all my time gone?

This is B. I met him at the beginning of this summer speed dating. 10 men and 10 women have 7 minute to just meet in a round robin kind of setting. They decide if they want to exchange info (all through moderators and only if there is mutual interest) based on first impressions. Of the 10 guys I met that night I knew the least about him. We spent a large chunk of the time debating whether or not we should exchange name tags just to shake things up a little. But we had good banter and similar interests. Since then we have gone hiking, on a studio stroll, to a roller derby match, and to watch the meteor showers. Just hanging out doing nothing is a blast and time flies by (what do you mean it is already 1am?) And I wounder why I seem to have no time?

Last weekend we went to Athens GA just to loaf about. It was that weekend that the ultimate litmus test for any ExGenX couple came into light…we have the same taste in music. Thank god, because he was at the mercy of my music collection for the 3hr road trip (which was NOT 2hrs like we thought it would be…damn that time thing). Neither of us had ever been to Athens but we had heard it was a hotbed of hip artsy folks not unlike Asheville. And for whatever reason it did not occur to us that it would be a million degrees hotter down the mountain. Me? I thought it was like Alabama hot. B–he is from Philly and was floored by the heat. Poor thing was just not dressed naked enough. We hit the coffee shop for iced coffee and just to relax over knitting/the paper. We went to the Museum at UGA and caught some great exhibits. It was a good mini vacation, and we have tentative plans to try for a long weekend again in the fall…maybe to the beach. I like that he knows how to relax…

Then there is the house. No it is not finished. But there are literally 5 things left for Joe the Contractor to do. I am slowly getting it all back in place and have made plans to pool my stuff with a couple of coworkers and have a yard sale in October. My dining room has been totally reconfigured with the breakfast bar. It took a lot of rethinking what I wanted the space to become. In the last 6 weeks it slowly came to me. This past weekend I was finally able to put the yarn stash in my new organizational cubes. In one corner–the yarn (only the stuff I would knit with, not product), Knitting books in the other and my turquoise formica table in the middle with all my favorite tools in baskets and jars. WOW, I now have space to actually chill out and get back to that Knitting Buddah mind.