I have not wanted to spend a lot of time at the house. It is nowhere near the diaster zone that it was when they were taking out the furnace flue or when the electrician cut out the holes for the lighting and left the pile of insulation in the middle of the floor (on a Friday evening, you know, in case I wanted to just roll in it over the weekend.) But I have not had a place to just hang out and have some down time. I have not been sleeping to well either, and I think it has to do with spending so much time on my bed (since that is really the only place to just hang out). And after spending two years nesting with Mike, being forced out of the house has been so outside of my comfort zone. But last week I hit my groove and you could not keep me home. One night, I even begged my BFF Suzanne to let me just hang out on her sofa while she was out for the evening. As I kicked off my shoes and settled on her futon with my knitting and my cheap drive thru dinner I felt myself exhale. But then I stretched out into the ultimate couch potato positon and swear I was almost in tears. Last week I met a man who had just move to town last January. And listening to stories of how he was discovering Asheville made me remember being in his shoes 5 years ago. Like him, I moved here during the winter. Once spring arrives, just getting out with so much to do was spectacular. Everyday is just one adventure after another and so many new and interesting people to meet. I found it inspiring to hear him talk about the Asheville he was discovering. I have spent the last week remembering why I love being here and really finding all the reasons why I love Asheville. All because I just do not want to be at the house any longer than absolutely possible.

So last Thursday the Knit Night group from Purl’s had a clump of tickets to the Baseball game. There was about a dozen of us there with our knitting. I had never been to a game locally. But let me just say that is the sweetest little stadium. Nice and clean in a hip part of town. I cut loose and had a real hotdog with a side of digestive enzymes. I would have taken a picture of it but I was starving so it did not last long. I had brought a scribble lace scarf that I was working up as a sample for Purl’s that uses one of my funky flowered novelty yarns.

Truth be told I did not watch a lot of the game. I was busy people watching.

Some hot fans.

Some not so hot fans.

Some just weird fans.

And then there were the promotional fan games. This particular game they made a small child dress in a logo tshirt and race the mascot around the bases for a prize. The bear clear threw the race (as damn well he should!) Small child walks away with coupons to a local sandwich joint.

I got a lot of knitting done.

And was still home by 10:30. And yes the Asheville Tourist won. But do not ask me any details of the game itself.

Here are the requisite house progress pix.

Joe the Contractor doing the back fill on Saturday, thus proving that some boys are really just big versions of Bob the builder with dreams of owning large toys. Look how happy he is!

What Joe the Builder was moving.

This is what was growing out of the dirt pile. A canna lily that I was not able to rescue from the side garden. Damn this thing is hardy. I dug it up and replanted in the front bed.

The old foundation wall recycled into a veneer for the real foundation wall.

The window frames that will have to be redone. They look nice, but do not quite match the originals.

I know it has been a while since I have posted any of them and truth be told this is about a weeks worth of progress documentation. Hey when you are not home much, the only hope I have of blogging is during business hours…