I am still here. The house is still The Construction Zoneâ„¢. Work and yarn dying have been busy. There are some new sock yarns up at the online shop so pop over and check them out. Here are house progess pix:

I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Being without my kitchen has been hell, and I have spent way more money on eating out than I’d like to have. I have resorted to eating my frozen meals at work (because it is way easier to wash my containers there) and snack at home. Last night’s dinner: 2 handfuls of pistachios and a piece of sandwich meat wrapped in 2 pieces of romain lettuce eaten from the bags in front of the fridge. I have passed up my annual trip to the herb festival. I have lost one garden to the renovations, and am doing minimal planting for now in the raised beds. I am also passing on LEAF this spring. This was a hard call. I have been looking forward to going for months, but just could not swing it. Thank God my electric bill was half of what it normally is, although now I am curious as to what was sucking all the energy. At least I am able to narrow it down to something in the three rooms. I have picked out my stone, my floor and breakfast bar tiles, and just need to make a decision on some paint. I can not believe how much more room I have in the basement without the big furnace. And the new windows make all the difference.

I have been jonesing to break out the spinning wheel. But really there is just no where to go with it in the house. And as of yesterday there is a fine layer of sheetrock dust ON EVERYTHING!!!! They will clean it today, but they just use a broom. I am going to have to damp wipe it all when they are done. I have made arrangements to do a spinning demo at my local LYS. It will be a good chance for me to push my handspun, and get my spinning fix.

So if you are in town: Purl’s, May 19th 11am-3pm.