Let me just say that if I have or am about to say something that totally offends you. I apologize. It is totally me. No actually it is somehow my karma.

For the last few days, I have been totally broadsided with verbal attacks three times. It is just weird. Like call the shaman weird (you think I am kidding about the shaman thing….). I mean the type of attacks that if it weren’t so clustered together I might be really upset.

Twice by total strangers–the freak hostess at Early Girl who bit my head off for asking to make change for the meter so I could dine IN HER RESTAUNANT(??!!???!!!!) and some one in my bunny yahoo group who seriously flamed me for accidently sending her an email twice. But the worst was the fight with my trainer. He has been chronically late (15-20 minutes for our 30 minute session). Last week after waiting on him for 20 minutes, warmed up and ready to go, I asked him if we needed to move my time so he could have enough time for his earlier client. After he accused me of not wanting to workout that evening (you know me–the one in the gym shoes who was sweaty from her 30 minute warm up) he started to chew me out for complaining. Then told me he just could not work with me that day, turned on his heel and shut the door. Yes I have a call into the corporate office and yes I have asked to be assigned a new trainer.

No lie ya’ll. I have a call into the shaman, I am carrying a pile of crystals with me and I have decided to daily smudging and mopping The Contruction Zoneâ„¢ until strangers are no longer tracking their shit into my house. And I am just keeping my mouth shut.

I am so glad the chimney condom is finally in place. I feel so safe.