There is limited seating in The Construction Zoneâ„¢. My current choices are the bed, the office chair, the toilet or the front stoop. I really have no place to spin. Don’t think potty spinning did not cross my mind for real, but I SWEAR, YA’LL, I am not doing the shit n’ spin. Okay? No pooping while spinning. Makes for very bad karma. All spinning is on hold until I can pull the furniture off the porch and out of storage.

I am completely embarassed about my white trash front porch, but what is a girl to do when faced with only 400sq. ft. to cram 1000 sq. ft worth of crap.

The house feng shui is shot to hell. I find myself feeling disoriented and have pretty much given up on trying to prepare any thing that resembles dinner in the evening. If I do not go out to eat (which I really can not afford to do daily), I end up noshing on what I can scrounge up in the fridge with the least amout of prep or dishes. Last night it was 2 handfulls of corn chips and 3 pinches of leftover black bean rice noodles with chicken and veggies eaten out of the take-out container in front of the fridge. I can see that I will be buying some paper plates this weekend. However, I have been eating a healthy lunch, knowing dinner is not going to be happening until further notice.

The up side to the spinning hiatus is I have gotten back to my knitting. And I am playing with a lot of the handspun yarn that I could not part with and odds and ends spun from remnant singles.

Handspun shug.

Hand spun socks. This yarn is actually skinny enough to call sock yarn. I will definitely be able to wear them with my clogs.

I came home to this on Wednesday.

For the first time I can actually see how the new pass through is going to look. And I LOVE it.