I did need eggs when I hit the Tailgate Market last Saturday, but the local organic eggs were a little pricey. But they were different colors so how could I resist. And when the the handsome blue-eyed farm hippie said “welcome back”, I just could not resist his lettuce and rainbow chard plants. I was really just trying to score that Rosemary Fig Goat Cheese Stuff that they do not stock at Earth Fare anymore and that I am totally addicted to.

Today I came home to this:

And because my kitchen looks like this:

I did not bother to unearth the microwave. I just went out for tacos.

The outside is waterproofed and the cells of the wall poured. Now that the frames are off the windows I noticed that my windows are indeed double hung!!

In the old houses in New Orleans, it is imperative that the window open at the top to circulate the hot air out of the room. I was not sure they did that in the older houses in the cooler climate.

And now that the frames are off it will take me all of 10 minutes to fix the old broken one. I might even be able to get the top window functioning.