Dear Easter Bunny,

I think it is way cool that you still send me candy in the mail every year. While I am too young to hunt eggs in the yard, I agree that 40 yrs old is most definietly not to old to get the candy goods. And I do look forward to that package annually, especially when Easter falls in such close proximity to my PMS.

But, DUDE, I found this in my package:

If I am not mistaken, that is a orange maple leaf on the wrapper.

You see, being an art director and a semi-pro yarn dyer, I work with color on a professional level daily. And if I am not mistake about the current color trends, I believe this is the current color palette for Easter 2007

Let me demonstrate: Take your classic peep.

With the magic of Photoshop, when you apply a Fall 2006 color, like let’s say Pantone 1405 C in place of the classic yellow peep color. You get this:

That would be poop, not peep.

And I do have a resource for those treats in my yard.

Now I do understand that minus the inappropriate wrappers all chocolate is brown,

And while I would not call the wrappers on the Cadbury treats congruent with current color trends. You know that these are my favorite, and it is all brown the moment before it hits my mouth. But doesn’t this just say happy easter:

And let me tell you I had to wrestle three soccer moms at Target to get the last package of these. If I wasn’t raging with PMS, I might resort to some leftover halloween goods myself. And who has time when in addition to your day job, your day is spent carting your elderly mom on errands, making sure the grandkids have color appropriate Easter candy (because you know that while I will just totally narc you out on the internet, the grand kids would just be dissappointed. Believe me, I know that is FAR worse).

Again, Thanks for the candy, EB. It is way fun to still feel like a kid and chocolate is chocolate regardless of the color of the wrapper. And I won’t tell my personal trainer if you won’t.