I am at home sick today. I am pretty sure Joe the contractor is just going to drop off some materials to finish the support wall, so I will not be dealing with construction while I am not feeling well. If they were here I probably feel well enough to just go into the office and lay low. I think I needed the mental down time as much as the physical.

I have either

a. hurt my back carrying a gigantic box of sweater to a meeting

b. am feeling the effects from a poor breakfast choice made after my morning was rocked by the mason who showed up VERY early yesterday

c. bad cramps

d. a mini mental meltdown after a month worth of stress on ALL fronts (work, home, hobby, social)

Or any given combo of the above. It could be really bad PMS, but I addressed that possibility last night and my tried and true remedy did not work.

And…I am feeling very whiney, can you tell?

Well…I just got a call from Joe. They ARE coming this afternoon to finish that wall. Crap. They don’t have too much to finish, so it probably will not take that long. I need a nap.

Requisite progress pic: