*Left to Right: Hand painted wool and mohair carded with black patent angelina plied with cotton weaver yarns and tufts of hand painted nylon tulle; Handpainted wool and silk noil carded with lots of purple angelina plied with cotton weavers yarn strung with flower sequins and tufts of plastic netting (truth be told: from a cut up bath scrunchy); Natural bamboo, hemp, mohair, and recycled silk waste navaho plied; Hand painted wool and mohair carded with lots of teal angelina and natural white angors (from my very own Miss Posie)plied nylon sparkle weaver’s yarn and cotton weaver’s yarn strung with fabric flowers.*

I really hate it when someone asks– What Do You Spin? But I do get this question quite often, mostly by other handspinners. Which is even more baffling to me. I just can’t imagine anyone limiting themselves to just one kind of fiber. For me, half the fun of spinning yarn is combining textures.

So, what do I spin? I think it is more appropriate to ask me What don’t I spin? I think the only thing I don’t spin is flax and that is because I hear it is really rough on your hands. It is not uncommon to find me at the thrift store, the dollar store or even the hardware store holding something totally nonfiber related thing thinking to myself “Could I spin this into the yarn?” And don’t le me loose at AC Moore with a sale on silk flowers. As matter a fact really wanted to figure out a way to spin these into the yarn, but I think my orafice is too small. I have actually toyed with the idea of finding another spinning wheel with a bigger orifice., But there is only one that is bigger than what I’ve got and it is not by much.

Here is just a small sampling of my fiber stash.

A. Soy Silk

B. Silk Noil

C. Tencel

D. Dog Hair (a comission from a friend’s deceased golden retriver)

E. Bamboo Fiber

F. Angora (from Posie)

G. Tussah Silk

H. Blue Face Leichester Roving

I. Mohair Roving

J. Recycled Silk Waste

K. Hemp Roving

L. Wool and Mohair Mill End Fiber

M. Bag of crazy shit like craft pompoms, feathers, angelina, silk flowers, sequins

There is a lot more. Mostly whole fleeces bought online or at SAFF. Then there is the bead stash that is mostly for spinning into the yarn. And there are 2 bags of plying yarns.

I know when these poor handspinners ask me what I spin they really are not expecting me to list the 40 different kinds of fibers I have in my house right now. I am thinking the next time someone asks me that, I will be asking what do THEY spin. And why.