If you stand in my bedrrom right by the heat vent, you can see straight down into the basement right about where my dye table is. Pipes and insulation gone, I can hear everything down there. It is great when the washer and dryer dings. Or if I forgot to reset the dying microwave.

The rabbit cages are pretty much situated under my bedroom in the basement. The other night I heard Posie thumping in her cage. She does this to let you know she will take you down if you try to harm her. She does this when I open her cage to get her out for grooming. I’d like to think of it as a reminder of what a bad ass she could be. Well, the other night the thumping kept going, and going. I went down to see if maybe the neighbors cat had gotten in the basement and they were having a standoff. But when I got down there, I saw nothing. But I did hear a low growling noise loud enough to kind of rumble the basement ceiling (or rather the bedroom floor.) Dear god it was frightening. Like a large cat. Or maybe a monster under the bed?

Nope it was Sid with his nose against the hardwoods snoring like a freight train. Posie was just telling him to shut the F**k up.

Notice the socks on Sid? Look familiar?

He was trying them on for his modeling gig. Look at that smile. I know I am like a showbiz mom when I say this, but from an Art Director’s perspective he truly is photogenic.

Sid’s 15 Minutes! In a knitting book no less.

It has been weird having the living room and dining room relatively empty. I have slowly been filling it with yarn things since I have had some yarn related deadlines to attend to. I moved the drum carder upstairs and have been making some crazy batts.

And spinning wild yarns like crazy.

This one will most likely end up online this week unless my coworker snaps it up for her mom.

Here is the obligitory picture of the house progress:

The inspector is due out today to give the papal blessing so they can fill it with cement.