So, they did not lift the house yesterday. The kitties were not pleased about being in crates, and they did not want to go back today. After talking with Joe about today’s plans, I am just back to Cat Plan A–sequester compatible pairs in office and bedroom. No big news on yesterdays progress, just more concrete and a new pile of 2x4s ready to support the house. So no picture (just look at last weeks, it is about the same). Instead let’s just talk about yarn.

Afterall, this is a knitting blog. Okay, maybe a fiber blog since I have not done any knitting worth speaking of in TWO WEEKS. TWO WEEK people. But I have been spinning and dying yarn. I now have yarn in 4 venues, soon to be 5:

Purl’s Yarn Emporium • Asheville, NC–Sock Yarn and Handspun

Knit Nouveau • Birmingham, AL–Finish-It-Fast sock yarn and Handspun

Artisan Knitworks• Grosse Point Park, MI–Sock Yarn

ETSY • Online Worldwide–Sock Yarn, Finish -It -Fast Sock Yarn, Stitch markers, Handspun

And coming in April:

Keep Stampin and Scrappin Limited • Berlely, MI–Sock Yarn.

I have dubbed my Monday nights as Only-Do-Whatever-The-Hell-I-Want-To Nightâ„¢. Mondays suck. And usually after short weekend of chores and yarn business I am exhausted by the time I get back to work Monday morning. I have found myself thankful to get through the day and just want to be at home. So Monday night means, very minimal chores, easy dinner, and doing the hobby of my choice in front of the TV. Last night it was spinning. And actually it has been spinning for the last couple of months. During the January deep freeze, I got a lot of fleece dyed over the wood stove, and I have been playing with crazy carded batts. I have begun to card bunnie fur into some of the skeins. Oh. My. God. That stuff is soft, and a little goes a long way. Here is some yarn porn for those sick of my construction rants. All can be found at my online shop.