I hate my kitchen floor. I mean absolutely hate it. It is cheap nasty paper thin vinyl that was in the house when I bought it. And it is white with a stupid grid pattern and little country blue flowers in the corners as if this would make it look like classy clazzy designer tile. I would like to bitch slap the fool who thought putting cheap WHITE vinyl flooring where the back door opens into the house was a good idea.

Last summer the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum movers ripped my pristine floor trying to move the fridge without a dolly. And since this moving company is run by crooks, I never got reimbursed for the damage.

Joe the Contractor is done with the Demo for now. They will be working in the basement for the next couple of weeks. It felt great to uncover everything in the house. But I spent 3 hours, an entire box of wet swiffer pads, an entire bottle of wet jet juice, a half a bottle of wood floor cleaner and a round on my knees hand scrubbing with Greased Lightning trying to get that soot removed. For the most part the floors are clean. I would have rathered rip up that f*cking vinyl than give it the scrubbing it required. And ripping it up would have been the first thing I did when I moved in if it was not going to be an insane patiching issue when I was actually ready to redo the kitchen.

So polish the terd it was. I was tired of tracking soot everywhere.

I do not have a before picture of the furnace, here is what they worked on yesterday with little indicators of where the furnace and flue footing were. The flue footing was a monsterous 3’x3′ cinder block box tucked behing the furnace. We all thought it contained some important furnace guts/efficiency heating chamber/dead bodies. Nope it was filled with dirt. 72 bucket of dirt. Evidently this is what they built to support the flue when they dug the basement out decades ago. My basement looks huge now. I am thinking this is where the rabbits will go when it is finished.