I really had no choice. After choking on dust and soot for the last 2 days, I knew the bunnies did not need to stay in the basement while they took out the furnace and flue footing. I am a little worried that it is warm for them. But I have containers of ice in the crates.

And no one has said anything yet about the hay issue. If the cleaning crew does not get it with the vaccuum tonight then I will hunt up a carpet sweeper.

So here is the status as of this morning


After. Evidently the old flue was compacted roof to floor with greasy oil furnace soot. Not dust, but oily nasty black sticky soot. They cleaned what they could, but it is a sheer disgusting mess. Just walking kicks it up. I have had a sinus headache for 2 days and have been sneezing black. Flushing the sinuses did not do much. Thank God I covered what I could, but it looks like I am going to have to hire a cleaning company that specialized in fire damge to get this up when all is done. To top it off they had to get into the attic and use the bathroom via the hallway. So I had that shit tracked into my current living space as well. I was not at all pleased. Today I left a nice little path of towels and bath mats for the guys to track all over if they have to use the john.

2 days down, 58 more to go (if I am lucky) WHEEEEE!!!