I can’t tell you how good it was to be back in Birmingham last weekend. I have caught a lot of hell over the last five years because I am from Alabama. And as traveled as these folks are none of them
had ever had any desire to stop in the Magic City. I can’t say that I blame them. Birmingham is not quite the destination site, but you have just be there to really get it. I swiped this picture from a Montevallo student who does get it. Click on the picture and read what he has to say about living there. You see once you live there, you just find your peeps and your groove and you become thankful the narrow minded hipsters have not discovered your favorite thrift stores tucked away in the misunderstood city I think of as home.

First I apologize for the sorry-ass pictures that look like I am reporting from a third world country. I
swear I brough my camera, but it was too heavy to carry with me at all times. So all of my pictures were taken with my phone.

I had some time to kill when I got in town. Despite the traffic snarles in Atlanta and near the Georgia/Alabama line, I had 2 hours to kill before Lee got home. I hit my old neighborhood–Forest Park. Went to Naked Art and Maralyn Wilson galleries.. I also browsed the racks at Zoe’s. They have moved to a much larger place. Oh. My. God. Second Hand Nirvana. Nothing like having your favorite consignment shop triple in size. I walked away with nothing, btu it is not because I did not see 5 dozen dresses, shoes, or handbags that I would have loved to have spent ALL of my travel budget on.

I popped down to Five Points just for a little reminiscing. All I can say is when the hell did all those great dive apartments in the old buildinbgs in Southside go condo. I am mourning the loss of the hippest 1950s apartments overlooking Caldwell Park, The Capri. They were flattend to make room for a ginormous high rise of more f*cking condos. FivePoints looked for the most part the same.

I loved that the parking was still so cheap. 25¢ for and hour??!!!

Friday Night we went to the Bottletree. I swear this place just makes me think Birmingham. The great retro wrinkly glass lamps and the aqua vinyl long curved sofa. Damn I miss the thrift store in Birmingham. They are the best.

It was a stretch for us older folks, but Lee, Macey and I managed to stay long enough to see 3 songs of the band (sweet jesus I forgot those thing don’t even start until 11–which is midnight by my clock).

I did get to see my girl Judith. This is a picture of us. Just use you imagination and add 3 glasses of wine.

I went home wearing some phat mardi gras beads with a flashing Jaggermeister trinket I had aquired at some point during the evening…tell me I did not have fun that night.

Coffee with Kim, Lunch with Deb, and I went to the LYS to pimp some handspun. They took just the really good stuff. I love it. Now I an inspired to crank some of the funkier fiber spasmy stuff.

Saturday night we went to check out the new digs at my favorite greek seafood joint. The old Fish Market was reminiscent of the senior cafeteria…but the seafood was great and the prices were excellent. The new digs is like the Disneyland of seafood restaurants.

See how happy my dinner companions are?

I mean look at the plate of food…that is broiled shrimp and scallops ya’ll.

Warm and fed we went back to Macey’s to watch Little Miss Sunshine.

Sunday brunch with Karen and it was off to the Botanical Gardens for the afternoon. Birmingham has a kick ass botanical garden. I used to slug out every Wednesday morning to volunteer with the herb society. It was the most rewarding volunteer gig I had ever done. I leearned a ton, went home with a garden’s worth of free plants and got to help maintain the public garden.

I met up with Grace and Elizabeth for a mini Stitch and Bitch at Chez LuLu (another one of those places that is just so Birmingham to me)

This is actually the only outing I did bring my camera for. But actually I stole Grace’s pic because it was more flattering than mine.It was so good to see these girls, and I am sorry I missed Ginny(who had the ick).

Back in Southside, the posse headed to ROJO for the absolutely most digestive enzyme worthy dessert on the planet.

Cheesecake stuffed tortilla, fried, toppd with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Hell I would have let my poop go wrong for this little piece of heaven. I am certain the chef thought I was totally coming onto him when I told him how much I loved my changa. Loved it so much I got myself a ROJO shirt.

One more quick visit to city hall to see my friend Deb and I was on the road back to Asheville.

More traffic snarls outside of town, but I made good time. I had a great trip. And I know I do not need to let 3 years pass before I visit again. I think I really feel like Birminghamis more of a home town for me. And I loved the vibe and, except for the condo thing, how it has grown. Going back reminds me of how much I have changed. I felt pretty new agey and crunchy granola the whole time I was there, but I certainly did not feel out of place. I spent the whole weekend trying to remember what I used to do in my spare time when I lived there. I know I was never really bored. But Birmingham was before knitting and this yarn thing.

Right about the SC state line you can see the mountians. When I used to visit Asheville, this is the point in the trip where I would get teary and wish so bad I could figure out how to move to the mountains. I don’t get teary anymore. It just feels good to be home.