It is not that I have nothing to say. I am just busy getting ready for my weekend trip to Birmingham. It has been 3 years since I have visited. Can’t wait to see some of my old peeps and how the old stomping grounds have changed.

There are tons of pictures I could post: Like the massive temporary supports they installed in the basement in prep for the foundation work, how funny Jack looks after I clipped him since he would not sit still long enough for me to pluck him, or the dozen skeins of funky yarn I cranked out in the last month (okay maybe I will post that one later).

I have yet to hit my goal of 5 skeins a week or any of my knitting goals either. I still think I can hit the 5 skeins a week, if the dying does not get in the way. I have yet to get back to Arwen as well. I have the feeling I will need to find another yarn, I just have to measure and compare it to an existing sweater.

The upside is I am not in a mad rush to get the house in order for the sitter. I have really kept on top of it since Mike left. The car is getting the once over and an oil change. I have already begun to pack my suitcase in my mind…even though I lost the suitcase in the split…shit…forgot about that. Luckily my stuff just has to go from the car to Lee’s house…might as well be a laundry basket. Reguardless I am bringing the camera to the ‘Ham. Becasue while I can’t promise I will post again before I leave. I can promise to post a fabulous entry when I return.