With the heater going full tilt 24/7, I have become a fiber dying machine. I have finally figure out how to dye varigated fleece in the jars. I am averaging 1.5-2lbs a batch.

Despite what was all over CNN, Asheville did not get hit with the ice storm of the century. Evidently there is this thing called geothermal warming and the mountains were spared the worst of this storm. So while towns down the mountain like Greenville and Statesville were freezing over and covered in snow, there was a tiny stretch of map the shape of the NC Appalachian range that was spared. In fact it warmed up enough to melt the snow that was still in my yard from the last storm. Of course the news media had sensationalized it to the point of a dangerous frenzy at the supermarket. When you live in a town small enough to have news reports on what the kids are learning in school, anything remotely news worthy can easily be sensatioanlized. The week after Katrina they frenzied the town into a gas shortage right before my trip to the beach. Boy was I pissed. This is why I don’t watch a lot of local news. Sorry, I digress… they called it a snow day at work and I spent the day at home watched the snow melt and working my new fiber passion… needle felting.

One of the things that makes my job so cool is I am exposed to all kinds of crafts. Cut-and-Carve Candles to Enameling, I have info on so many different mediums at my finger tips. There are 6 other art directors so I only get to work on a seventh of the titles. Most of the knitting or crochet titles default to me because read knitting books in my spare time like the obsessive freak that I am, and can help the non knitting editors organize the book in a way that will help the reader. So lately I am working on a needle felting book. The projects are insanely cute. The pillows were part of the shoot at my house. That is the infamous red leather sofa. Coupled with dying some fleece for a friend who has also gotten into needle felting and I am hooked.

So in preparation for the ice storm that never was, I borrowed a couple of tools. I took some of the stash yarn and made some big socks. Threw them into the wash and dryer with an indian blanket to felt them down. This is my prefered method of felting…knit it up and wash. I do not know if I have the patience for the hand felting thing. Bitterly cold temps out, my skin is so dry, having my hands in water that long–the idea alone makes my skin hurt.

Spiderman trying his paws at the hand felting thing.

I had score some beautiful Wensleydale locks at SAFF. Last week I had dyed them bright green and turquoise. The color is so rich I can not get an accurate read from my camera. I had dropped some blank handspun into the pot as well.

Voila! Clown sock by UrabnGypZ.

Here is a little bit better read on the colored curls.

Max likes the warm stove too.

But he prefers snuggling with Trixie.