Trixie has been totally under the weather. At first I thought she had a hairball lodged in her throat. She actually has a little athsma. The vet gave her a shot and some fluids. She did not look like she feel well at all this morning, and I was on the edge of running her to the vet during their emergency hours. She has been needy and just wanting snuggles, poor sweetie. She seems to be resting better, so I am just letting her rest and will keep a good eye on her.

It has been frightfully cool in the basement, so I have not been eager to get down there to dye. I decided try a new method of dying fleece last night.

The stove is putting out the heat for the house anyway, might as well use it.

I have heard about dying in a crockpot, I figured this is not that far off from that method.

My first attempt yeilded some very dark fleece.

Second time, a little less dye. Better, but still a little dark. Third time is still brewing.

I tell you it is a really easy way to dye a pound at once, and I am not feeling so bad about not dying a thing for the two weeks I have been off. I have about 3 lbs of fleece ready to spin. A good thing. I have 2 yarns more to crank for this week’s 5 skein goal.