I had no clue the trashman was coming yesterday morning. It was New Years Day–a government holiday. And, I did not need to miss this week. My can is filed to the rim with the Grand Purge 2006. I missed the recycling too. I guess municiple employees saw January first as just another day. Ironically, I think today government employees have off in memory of Gerald Ford. Yesterday was the last day I had to pretend it was not a holiday. You would think I would have had the trash on the curb, you know like I would on any given day. While today is the beginning of just another day at Lark for my coworkers, I will be taking som PTO. And today I feel like someone who is home sick for the day. I guess during the holidays, I could quietly opt out of any and all festivities and know that I was going to get that alone time to do what I needed to do. Everyone else would be preoccupied with their own family dynamic and obligations. And I have been ready for the holidays to just end so I can get on with my everyday. But now that we are back to the day to day, I am feeling a little exposed. Especially since I am taking the rest of the week off. I have made a to do list so I can just dive into the catchup work I had hoped to do this week, and hopefully not feel like such a freak.

I still have some work to do on the reorganization, but I feel like I can relax about it. I have a pile of yarn related chores to hammer out. I also have Stash A Long I can work on. I might have to frog Arwen. My gauge has grown on the actual piece and I am afraid it will be way too big. I am going to measure it again to be sure, but I really think I need to drop another needle size. I just hope it does not make the fabric too dense. Otherwise I might have to find a new yarn. I have been working on sock instead. Might ball that yarn for Dew.

Since the split, I actually have felt hopeful for fresh start. I have made some gentle resolutions for 2007. All really just a small part of the big resolution to just take care of myself this year. Nothing to lofty, but as a whole makes for a good year.

***In 2007, I resolve to…***

**1. Find window treatments for all the windows.** I hate miniblinds. Absolutely hate them. They remind me of the cheap ass window treatments in every home I have rented. The sizes never fit the old window so the hardware was always in the wrong place. I have them in the house now because this used to be rental property and I have yet to address my windows. Since I was lucky enough to art direct this book, and my sewing machine is now unearthed, I can make something to replace my ugly miniblinds.

**2. Revamp the blog.** More like tweak. Heavily tweak.

**3. Stop shopping at BiLo.** I know this sounds simplistic, but hear me out. Asheville is pretty hip for a Southern town of this size. I moved here to be immersed in a community of liberal, creative, conscious people. Whenever I would get blue my friend Tommy would tell me to go to the places that remind me why I love Asheville. BiLo is certainly not one of thoce places. And they have stopped carrying a number of my pantry staples–gluten-free mixes, that good queso, or my crisy tostada shells. I do not mean shop EarthFare and that is it, but I at least nedd to go somewhere where the cashier does not flip out that I am buying a $7 hunk of cheese (dude, it is so not velveeta).

**4. File my paperwork weekly.** Because this frenzy of catching up on a years worth of filing right before tax time is getting a little old. And since I have a fabulous new functioning office at home…

**5. Buy a little kiln.** I want to make some buttons and some tiles. Maybe a little PMC.

**6. Make the backyard more inviting.** The raised beds are great. The dog fence and big fence is in place. I have 2 pond liners and some great trellises. I would like to have a garden space I want to spend more time in.

**7. Get back in the saddle.** Okay this is not going to happen tomorrow. I don’t think it will be this month either. And while I am not sure when it will happen, it will not be too long. And it will happen I am sure in stages. But no more wallowing in loneliness under the guise of finding myself. Been there, done that. No need to go back.

I have two more that are written down but private. But there they are. Built to gently spoil myself and help me feel hopeful.