I saw this at TJ Maxx yesterday. Nutcracker in drag. Love it.

Just like every other holiday traveler, Mike’s flight got canceled at the last minute. We had already had the painful good bye at the airport and I was on my way home to meet up with my support team poised ready to help with the initial house clearing. I had to turn around go back to the airport to pick him back up. We got to do that painful good bye all over again on Saturday. Thank God for Klonopin. I went straight from the airport to the shoe store. I knew I was really depressed when I found absolutley nothing. So I hit TJ Maxx. They were always good for the frivilous shoe fix. But again nothing. As I made my way towards the gift chocolates I found this.

I remember when my college room mate broke up with her boyfriend, she went on a cleaning frenzy. I mean baseboards and the top of the fridge kind of cleaning. I never went through that kind of break up. I always hid under the covers. But this time around I have gone nuts with the cleaning. I have been scrubbing nonstop since the moment I got home with my new happy dust mop. I also got a cheery new laundry basket, because I have always hated the one we used, a leopard printed broom and a tomato red trashcan with a foot pedal that actually works.

I then hit Bed Bath and Beyond for some space bags. I am not really sure they save me the space in the stash chest, but the yarn looks cool vaccum sealed. I did find a stash buster knitalong and have the stash reorganized and ready to post my goals. Maybe when I get through today.

I also found a great deal on this steamer. I have been eyeing this for months. It is a god send for blocking my knitting. This baby was shrink wrapped with an electric floor sweeper. And 2/3 of the orignal price.

So my cleaning frenzy has slowed a little today, I am just trying to take it easy and just be happy I am not struggling with family dynamic. I have goodies for the pets but other than that it is just another day and not the Christmas drag that it threatens to be. Wine chocolate and control of the remote. Short of a few tears, I say it is not a bad day really.