The snow hit just in time to make the commute home interesting. I have always been the considerate Southern Driver. If there is white shit on the ground I do not take the car out. I will either call an experienced Northern snow driving friend to come get me, or take the bus. Even after 5 years (have I really been here 5 years?), I do not like driving in this stuff. I am the driver you you do not want on the road when it snows. I drive like an old lady on any given day, so the commute home took forever.

Big thick wet flakes that stuck to everything. I wish it would have snowed more. Right now it is just cold as hell. I had to dig Mike out from under the pile of pets that descended on the bed last night. Three dog night? More like 3 dog, 2 cat. I think Trixie was the only smart girl who slept by the wood stove last night.