Because I like making cassaroles and am undeniably addicted to reality TV. Also because I have been known to listen to the regular FM radio morning shows on the way to work in my SUV(NPR tends makes my mind mushy and I hate bluegrass). I am sure it is also because I shop at a regular grocery store–the organic one is way too expensive for my weekly trips. And probably becuase I was raised in the suburbs, eating macaroni and cheese out of a box (which I LOVE) and mexican TV dinners.

I thought pedestrian was someone who did a lot of walking. But evidently it has become a label for a certain class of folks. I have heard the phrase used by some folks in a really unsavory manor and it totally rubbed me the wrong way. Damn it–I AM pedestrian. What about it? I just might make a meatloaf tonight, watch Survivor, and read a romance novel before retiring with my lab mix dog at my feet.

Are you pedestrian and proud too?