TA-DAH! Ladies and gentleman I present Dale of Norway’s Gerbera, started with this knit-a-long more than 2 YEARS AGO. What can I say, I am more of a knit-behinder. And do not adjust your monitor…yes the picture is fuzzy and I am too lazy to tak another one.

Made with Elann’s yummy alpaca yarn. It is probably the most challeging pattern I have completed so far. I had to drop 2 needle sizes to get gauge (I’m a loose knitter). I knit 3 sleeves trying to get it the right length. I mean those Norwegian chics must have really long arms, because I had to slice the sleeve length by 6 inches! I changed the neckline because I thought the patterns version looked like a messy afterthought. I finished her the week before SAFF.

This finishing projects business rocks…If only I could do it more often. I have so many projects on the needles I would need 3 blog entries to review them. Some of them are about to be abandoned and the yarn recycled for a more current and exciting patterns. I am in a bit of a project crunch because I realize that my stash is taking over my house. No shit, I have fiber or yarn in every area of the house with exception of the kitchen and bathroom–no wait I have handspun drying in the shower…scratch that. My robe is always covered in angora fur, I have no less than 5 project baskets in the living room, and we have to move yarn, scales and labels off the dining room table to eat. I need a studio bad. I mean I have a large space dedicated to fiber in the basement, but who wants to spin in the basement when I can spin in front of the TV and a Six Feet Under marathon. So the basement is strictly for fiber prep, bunny hutches and dying. Cme to think of it, I even have yarn stashed here at the office.

I think I need to join a stash buster knit-a-long… Or a 12-step program.