Buy this book!

I buy an obscene number of knitting books. I do a newsletter for my local Indie bookstore in trade, supporting my almost pornographic fixation with knitting pattern books assuring myself it is all a business expense. I have been know to study them like the knitting freak that I am– comparing writing styles and techniques. Can I think of better ways to work the garment? What is with that finishing? Is that yarn in the bag under the bed a worthy substitute? Where are my needles? All in the name of, um, research…

IMHO, this is probably one of the best knitting books out there right now. I have been a little underwhelmed by knitting books that have been coming out lately. While there are some pretty good ones out there, Most of the projects just were not meaty enough or a little too “out there” for me. And people, I work for a craft book publisher!

Sure, there are celebrity knitting books out there. And while Tracy Ullman seems to play a good character part in the book, (Tracy, I would totally Stitch AND Bitch with you, girlfriend. Coffee is on Me okay?) this book in no way relies on Ms. Ullman’s celebrity. And I see no pompas celebrity name dropping (cough, cough, *suss*, cough). In fact this book could totally hold it’s own with its outright clever patterns by creative genius and enabler Mel Clark. They are just challenging enough to entice but not intimidate. I love love love this book and have been scouring the stash and checking it twice. There are no less than 5 sweaters the I MUST have, even if I have to pluck the rabbits bald spin the f***ing yarn myself.

Anyone want to do a knit-a-long?