SAFF was this weekend.

Heatherand I hit SAFF first thing Friday morning. This was the first year the shopping was opend on Friday. I took off work in hopes of scoring a mohair fleece off the judges table. Damn if the judging had not even started. But the second booth in the ring had just what I wanted well within budget.

First clip Kid Mohair

I also scored an incredibly soft black corriedale fleece

…some coltswold lamb locks…

…and some silk noil to dye and card with the black corriedale.

So much to see, so much color.

But honestly I was resisting quite a bit. I had a budget. I was with in the budget. I found a ton of inspiration with so many colors and textures.

Saturday I returned to meet up with some gals I knew from Birmingham. It was great to see you!

They were gathering with a group of knitting bloggers. I have gone every year since I moved to Asheville, But this was the first time I met bloggers there. Actually the whole crowd seemed different. Not the typical old school spinner in birks. But lots of hip urban folks.

Any way I met some great people.



The girls from ChapelHill.

I am sorry I was not able to party with you girls at Jack of the Wood. I hope you guys are posting nice incriminating pictures and lurid details.

So, got home and told Mike of my friends and how Grace bought an angora rabbit. I would have never imagined Mike would be into rabbits. He had started to raise them years ago in England to sell for meat.

So meet Jack…

And Posie.

Yes, I now have fiber animals. The softest fur I have ever felt.

But poor Jack. He was too fidgety to let me finish plucking him in one day and I was too scared to try to use scissors on him. He is looking like a monk with the big bald spot on his back.

So now the basement has become the rabbit hutch. I think we need to start looking for some farmland.