I like every other knitter on the planet read Crazy Aunt Purl. If you have not read it–get a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and read it now. Read the archives, read it all. Hands down the wittiest blog online.

So she tagged all her readers with this meme. Thank you Laurie. I have been at a loss for blog content that was not complaining about how busy I have been.

Four jobs I’ve had:

• Art director (the day job)

• Professional Christmas Tree Decorator (no shit, during college. And to this day I refuse to put up an Xmas tree.)

• Caterer (only for a milli-second, until the cat walked on the lemon bars to sample the cream cheese squares. I satarted having nightmares about being busted by the health department)

• Knitting Consultant (I don’t think I really get paid for this job, but if you have a problem with one of our knitting patterns, you will proabaly get to talk to me)

Four movies I can watch over and over:

• Jackie Brown (who can resist Pam Grier)

• Life is Beautiful (sad but warm fuzzy)

• Fight Club (Brad Pitt naked wearing a rubber kitchen glove…)

• Lost in Translation (great soundtrack)

Four places I have lived:

• Layfayette, Louisiana (don’t remeber it, but I was born there)

• Huntsville, Alabama (grew up there)

• Birmingham, Alabama (I still call it home)

• Asheville, North Carolina

Four television shows I love to watch:

• Project Runway (I actually learn alot that helps me with my knitting)

• Real Time with Bill Maher (perpetual bachelor, male chauvonist pig, but politically so inside my head)

• Weeds (yes I have big cable)

• 30 days (I am a bit of a reality TV junky)

Four places I have been on vacation:

• Destin Florida

• New Orleans Louisiana (I know I have family there, but really I have been there for giggles during Mardi Gras)

• SXSW 95

• Asheville North Carolina (I know. I live here. See what happens when you interview to write off your camping trip)

Four of my favorite dishes:

• Red Beans and Rice (my Granny’s recipe)

• Fresh Boiled Crawfish (what can I say, I am a cajun girl)

• My own spaghetti and meatballs (spelt pasta of course, even though I miss real thing)

• Creme Brulle from Azalea’s (I don’t think this restaurant exiists anymore, but my girl Macy did it right.)

Four websites I visit daily:

• Crazy Aunt Purl (see above)

• ETSY.com to check on business

• My bank (I know boring)

• Yahoo–weather and entertainment news

Four places I would rather be right now:

• In front of my spinning wheel (and I will be in about 10 minutes)

• At the Garage Cafe in Birmingham with my posse

• In the woods by the creek (I’ll never tell where)

• In my basement dying (and was this afternoon)

Four bloggers I am tagging:

• Heather

• Minna (you there girl?)

• David

• Lara (if you get this)