{picture of computer being hurled out the window}

I have 3 great posts in my camera. But for some reason my website has decided to not load images or take my password. I am not even able to log into my cpanel right now. Maybe I will have time this week to monkey with this computer crap.

{picture of a sea of virgin white roving, measured into 2 oz balls waiting to be dyed}

16 days until my spinning vacation bliss. Mike and I are meeting the family at the beach. I have a kids photo shoot the week before I leave, so I will definitely be ready for a vacation. In the mean time I have been dying roving for my trip.

{picture of handpainted roving hanging on my wicker screen on the porch}

I have finally figured out my color issues when I paint my roving. Just stop trying to think about it too much. Roving is pretty forgiving. It all looks so different when it is spun up. I have just been throwing color down quickly and leaving it to fate and trust that because my jodb requires me to work with color daily, that I can really just trust my intuition.

{picture of my latest sock yarn}
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But when it comes to the sock yarn, what you paint is what it is. I have been looking at my favorite color combos in the hand spun and repeating them when I dye the sock yarn. I am loving the sock yarn!

{picture of the half dozen sock WIPs}

But, Have yet to finish a sock with my yarn. Maybe while I am on vacation.

{requisite picture of the kitties}