My last two weeks was all about the yarn. Mostly after work, but my lunch hours were spent, measuring weighing and labeling or delivering. I honestly did not realize how busy I had been until it all came to a grinding hault Friday afternoon. After dropping off the last of 40 skeins (yes, forty!) I went home to my air conditioned bedroom and proceeded to veg-out in front of the TV. No knitting, no spinning…just mindless TV. It reminds me of my old freelance days when I would pull some late nights helping a client prepare for a presentation. I would always take some days to recoup. But the first day after the crunch was always spent getting reacclimated to my regular flow without that pressing feeling that I should be doing something.

Bele Chere was huge. Way more crowded than I remember last year. All I could think was they better all be buying some yarn. I have not stopped by the shop to se what sold. Maybe today. I am posting more yarn this weekend.