I have not posted anything new to the online shop in over a week. (long in ETSY terms) I have been spinning like crazy for my LYS. Next week is Bele Chere–a huge street festival downtown. Lots of tourist! Last year it was Purl’s biggest weekend, so needless to say I am trying to get as much yarn as possible to bring to the shop. I was looking at some of my old yarns. I can see a big difference in the yarn I am spinning today and the yarn I spun 6 months ago. I am now using some better dyes and dying mostly commercial roving. I still have some raw wool and I will get back to it, But after wrestling with a merino fleece, I decided that fiber is best to spin commercial roving. There is no new hand painted sock yarn on ETSY.com either, but after the handspun crunch, I will be back in the dye room. Still some online, and if you mention my blog I give you free shipping. Go Here Now! Buy my yarn. I know it is hot for knitting, But this stuff is great for stashing. (Hey, if you are a knitter, you will totally get that comment)

My fortieth birthday came and went quietly without incident (Sunday, but good guess Lee. Still laughing over that card. Lillis rocks!). Mike took me to a little hidden mexican bistro (fine food, not big burrito) for brunch. It was nice to not have to wrestle with the obsenely large number of tourist that were in town last weekend. Saw the Devil Wears Prada (a must see!), And the Southern Highland Guild Craft Fair (hence all the f***ing tourists downtown all weekend).

Not much else to write about. I have done a little knitting on a hat for a friend, and checking on how a dye technique for sock yarn knits up. That is when I am at Stitch and Bitch or taking a break from the spinning frenzy.