Have I really become one of those bloggers who struggle to post weekly? It isn’t that I have been knitting. Not a lot of knitting happening right now. And work has not been too busy…I say as I knock on wood. I have been spinning like crazy. I was able to get some of the handspun into my LYS on consignment. And I finally posted some hand dyed sock yarn to the online shop.

I took a belly dance workshop from the founder of the coolest belly dance troup in the world. I used to dance in Birmingham, but quit when I decided to relocate. I had always intended to get to San Francisco and take a class at FCBD just to say that I did. Well she came to me, and with someone I have danced with in Birmingham! I was amazed at how well I did (2 days, 6 hours of dancing, arms up the whole time) having not danced in 6 years. The only thing that was in sheer pain was the arms. And I was quite rusty on the moves, but I think I did pretty well considering. And I had a great time. But I do not think I will be getting back into bellydancing unless it is just a class for recreation, like a yoga class.