I have not been doing a whole lot of knitting. But the spinning….I am a one woman yarn factory. I have switched to Jacuard Acid dyes and and so happy with the intensity of colors I have been getting. When I placed my order I added my least favorite color to the order and made myself use it when I dyed this soy silk. I think it is one of the best skeins in the batch.

I got a merino cross fleece a few weeks ago and have been processing the wool with hopes of making some soft lofty batts to dye. I have been having fits carding this stuff. I am thinking my drum carder is not really good on such fine fiber. I get tons of knots even after running it through 5 times. I might resort to dying the fleeces uncarded and hand carding what I need to spin. I am not a big fan of the hand carding.

I finished a 5+oz skein and decided to knit up some socks to get a gauge for what I could get out of a skein of my generic 2 ply handspun.

I would post some progress pix, but It took me only 4 hours to crank these out.