It is amazing what a couple of comp days can do for the sanity. I racked up a some time putting out a flaming book schedule last month. And last week, I made yet another impossible deadline with the help of an assistant and a few late nights. This book was completed admist my freakout over having to put Moosie down and while the car was in the shop for 2 weeks. I was going to save the comp days to tack onto next weekend but after a day in the garden and a day on the sofa twitching, I decided maybe I should just take those days now. Glad I did.

My office reentry happened the day the big dogs came down from NYC. Thank God I missed the corporate frenzy of getting ready for the big visit. But I did come back to a silly string of email drama–that got cleared up pretty quickly. And now it is quiet…everyone is out site seing or in meetings off site. Got the iPod, some good cajun girl coffee with vanilla, time to hit the next book.

Now that I have made it through my hellacious March/April, I am finally back to the crafts. The first thing I picked up was the spinning. I figured it was just mindless enough to ease me back into the groove. I am working on some fleece for a friend. She got it at last falls fiber fair, and decided spinning was not her thing. The colors are yummy and inspiring. Now that it is not freezing in the basement, I hope to get back to dying some fleece. I have some novelty fiber that is calling me.

I also picked up the sexy cabled stocking pattern from Melanie Falick’s Handknit Holidays. If you are tempted to overlook this book because it is seasonal…don’t. It is one of the best small project books I have seen. The projects are pretty fast, but they did not skimp on style or quality. So for the stockings I am using Cascade Fixation. I am hoping that little bit of elastic will hold those puppies up. I finished one of my jury duty socks last night at stitch and bitch–that is my social knitting project. Now, I am wondering which of my many languishing UFOs I will tackle. I am thinking I need a little FO gratification. There are a few projects that are on the verge of being done.

It took a few days, but I am back to my old routine. Who knows maybe some progress pictures might land on the blog soon.