I opted to have Sebastian cremated. It seemed like the easiest way to deal with his remains and get closure on his passing. Sound convincing right? Most folks do something with the ashes…plant a tree, go to the river, favorite place. Me? I have seemed to amass a bit of a collection.

RUFF 1970-November 1982

Ruff was the only family dog we ever had. He died a few weeks after my high school sweetheart dumped me (rat bastard). I was depressed, then busy with looking for colleges, and well, we just never got around to doing anything with them. When my folks moved in 1996, they gave me Ruff. He had been on the shelf all this time. Kind of seems sacreligious to do anything at this point.

SCRAPPY 1984-September 2001

Scrappy was my boyfriends dog. I made that perfectly clear when we got him from the pound. He (the guy, not the dog) was a rebound, splitting up was inevitable. The dog was a 6 year old beagle basssett hound and hands down the best dog I have ever. When I moved out I took the dog. He was 17 when I put him down. It was right before I moved here, so I just took the ashes with me thinking I would just scatter them on some fabulous overlook or maybe at the first house I would buy. And I still might…

And if that did not sound freakish enough, then there is Alice…

I have a small package of ashes of an artist friend who died a few years ago from colon cancer. They gave them away at her memorial service. I did have intentions of scattering them…in the Nantahala Gorge at the lookout, over the four o’clock seeds she gave me the last time I saw her, in the French Broad River. But nothing seemed right. I learned so much about how to feed you creativity from watching her build her art career. To me she had it figured out, and died a successful and important artist. I told her story to a coworker, who found inspiration and began painting again–She just finished her 3rd book on creativity and doodling. At first, I carried those ashes in my sketchbook so I would not lose them. But now I keep them in my sketchbook, because I think she reminds me how to be an artist. I believe my sketchbook would be exactly where she thought she should be. Don’t worry, if you die and leave me some ashes, I will also find a fitting place for you too.

So, I am due to pick up Sebastians remains. I do think I will intentionally find an artsy urn and seal some of them there. But I impulse bought this on Saturday.

It is for the Moosie. I am hoping some of his ashes will land under it maybe even along with a little bit of Scrappy. We also got this:

Wolfgang is a Lab/Shephard mix with a sweet temperment and eyes like Sebastians. He fit right in (cats, dogs, human) without missing a beat. He is squishy cute and filling all the spaces left empty by The Moose. A rebound? Probably, but this one is for keeps.