…I fired the vet.

This morning I watched the dog vomit up WATER and then sit in the grass breathing deeply (you know, like you do when you are about to barf yet again). They kept sending my baby home saying he was stabilized, but I keep watching him decline every night. He can’t breath, he has not had a solid poop in a week, his appetite is pretty pathetic, and he is getting skinnier by the minute except for his belly which looks like it is going to burst wide open (I guess maybe then we could see what the blockage was). He could not even hop into the car, I had to lift him. And why in the Sam hell do I have to drive to freakin’ Brevard to for his ultrsound–are there not ultrasounds in this county? My OB/GYN has one and I would not be above asking her to run it across the dog.

Thank God for Mike. I had a meltdown at my desk after arguing with the vet. I have to admit the vet was right…if I do not feel he is doing his job then I should be going elsewhere. Mike got on the phone and found 2 clinics locally with ultrasounds and made an appointment with one of the best clinics in town. They even have better hours and are handicap accessible for Mike.

I feel better now.