I have a feeling I know why I am not knitting much, blogging even less, and sleeping way more.

Moosie-dog (Sebastian) has been really sick and I am having to make pragmatic decisions about his health care. How far should I go? How much is too much? Am I a bad pet owner for not wanting to tap into the latest in veternary science? The best I can do is judge each step of the process. Not let myself freak the fuck out about the possibilty that he is not going to recover from whatever it is that is making him lose weight at an alarming rate while also making his tummy fill with fluid. And just appreciate every moment with him right now. He is spending a lot of time in the house with Mike. It is best since Samson and Sid Just want him to play play play. I have to drive him 45 min to get an ultrasound next week. Sometimes I am not even sure he is going to make it to next week.

Not into the idea of gardening either. It has been pretty cold, It snowed (just flurries) most of last week. I tried to operate without a car, but walking the dog to the vet in 26 degrees with wind and snow flurries was just too much right now. I caved and got the rental. The car will eventually be ready, if they could just get the story straight.

Work is busy and a little stressful. Deadline looms, not enough time to do the job, and my computer is acting a little freakish.

I should have done my taxes, but I spent Sunday making soap. Lots and lots of soap. No knitting, just soap. And sleep.