I had to report for jury duty last week. I did not really think I could bring my knitting, but after waiting four hours for selection to begin (two Southern Living and one Oprah Mag all at least two years old), I knew I should have brought it. I checked with building security (which by the way was a little odd, airport style metal detactors at the side door, but two sleep old security guards in easy chairs at the main entrance. I could have had two #15 metal needles or other weapons of mass destruction taped to my leg and they would have never known. Gottta love a small town). I hit the LYS downtown on the lunch break. I had just cast on my new sock project when we were called up for selection. My ass hit the jury seat for 20 minutes before I was dismissed. I have served my duty–good for two years.

The car is in the shop so I am taking the bus. Nice to have a little exercise and knitting time in the AM. But I am thinking it would be nicer to get a little bit more sleep overall. Other than that, I have not been knitting very much at all. Just not feeling the love I guess. Maybe it is he warmer weather. Well, was the warmer weather, It snowed yesterday.

I have been making soap and bath tea. I used to have wicked bad insomnia. I found a combo of herbs that made me fall asleep in the tub. Rose, orange, chamomile, clove, and hops. The soap is just melt and pour, but it comes in yummy textures like honey, olive oil, and goats milk. I want to try some cold process for giggles. Not sure If I would ever sell any, I just like messing with it in general. We grew some luffa last summer, so I have been sinking slices into clear orange scented soap for my Cali-boyfriend. My favorite has been my Venus of Willendorf milk and honey amber soap. At the rate I am going we are not going to have to buy soap for 3 years and I will have lots of clean good smelling friends.