Last weekend I said good bye to an old friend. I found her on the racks of the best second hand store in the world for a mere $40. It had a zip out lining groovy laces in the back and the coolest vintage label. It was broken in just right. And like every other post punk GenXer, this jacket was a staple in my wardrobe.

This jacket and I saw SXSW 1995. We also ventured on a New York City shoe shopping trip(hatched in front of a dive bar at 2am a week earlier). We saw Morphine live, Superchunk live, Southern Culture on the Skids, Matthew Sweet, Juliana Hatfield, Man or Astroman (many many times) and countless other local bands in smoky bars and with many Rolling Rocks. It was with me when I flirted with Lemonhead Evan Dando while waiting in line for crawfish. And there are countless other adventures I will not post here (Hi Mom!).

Most of my friends had them too. I mean it was the uniform of the Generation X. Many of my old buds still wear them. But mine just does not fit any more. I mean not just the size, but the whole persona. I regularly go through my clothes, but letting go of this jacket was a little sad for me. This jacket represents my untraditionally long single life. It repesents the rebellious me that was not ready to settle down yet. I have not worn it since I moved to Asheville. And this ex-GenXer has been waiting for the right time to let it go.

The Nephew turns 14 this weekend. When I heard his voice change I knew I made the right choice to pass my dear friend to him. Ironically, he seems to be drawn to the post punk style music of my time that is coming back in vogue. So when he puts on the jacket to go to the show, maybe he will feel a little bit like a rebel and milk his single life for as much fun as I did.