Maybe it was because I was tired. Maybe it was because I was way into my tv show. My scrimmage with lace went horribly awry last night. I would post a photo, but it would be of a whisper soft pile of knotted lace weight alpaca. This yarn is thin as hell. My Henry’s Attic undyed alpaca lace weight dental floss took me 20 minute to wind an aveage size ball on the winder. The points on my #3s were way too blunt to be able to really get under the yarn without splitting the ply. And the yarn was looking fuzzy, like blurry fuzzy. I need an ott light, pointier needles (or a pencil sharpener and some fine sand paper), and quite possibly…glasses.

So today while out shopping for the photo shoot by the seat of my pants, I will see if I can score a few of these things. I will not be defated.