I know I am a little behind the times on this one, but evidently there have been a rush of new cease and desist emails from Yahoo. I am waiting with baited breath for mine. Here is the skinny:

Sew Fast, Sew Easy has launched legal action against Stitch and Bitch Chicago, Deb Stoller, and a lot of Yahoo Stitch and Bitch groups for using the phrase Stitch and Bitch. Evidently SFSE use the phrase to describe their message board. WTF? I remember friends using that pharse for their crafty get togethers in 1992. It feel just a rediculous as Donald Trump trying to copyright the phrase “your fired.” I expect I might get a letter from yahoo because that is what we call the our West Asheville Stitch and Bitch Yahoo Group (oops I said it!) A quick scroll through the list and some of the groups have changed names, some of them have not. Last night at Stitch and Bitch (see? there, I said it again) was the first time I had even heard about it. Maybe it has to do with the way I actually worded the name–stitchnbitch-asheville. Geez. I guess I am just waiting on that letter…But I doubt I will change the group name until someone (Yahoo, SFSE’s lawyers, God) tells me to. But I did change the name of my blog. Sort of. Just enough to actually change the meaning without changing the pheonetics.

But I can’t see SFSE actually able to follow through on their charges. I think they are under estimating who they are dealing with. So if you are reading this (Helllllooooo {{{{{{echo}}}}}} Are there any knitters reading this besides, Minna, David, Jacqui, Jen and Heather…of course and Mom–Hi Mom) click on the Free to Stitch logo, buy a t-shirt or a bag. The proceeds go to help innocent Stitch and Bitchers with legal defense.

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