It was out of neccessity really. And because the best way to get my nose to the grind stone when my book design is floundering, and I am under SERIOUS deadline, but I have the attention span of a tsetse fly, is to chain me to my desk with my headphones and an iPod full of my entire CD collection (plus some…). I must have been through quite a few of these “creative sessions” because this is what fell off of my headphones yesterday:

That tiny disc of foam is what was protecting my eardrums from my vast post punk motivational music collection. It took me all of 20 minutes to crochet these puppies up (yes crochet…no I have not crossed over to the dark side…it was just the easiest solution). The yarn is leftover from a holiday knitting project that I whipped out to pass the time on a road trip to Atlanta. (I find it is best not to look when Mike is driving thru Atlanta, He is from LA and we good time)

The kitty ears did keep my human ears quite warm on the trip back. Mike was a little embarrassed. Whatever. I don’t see the problem. He likes kitties.

Man, I want to be a cat toy designer in my next life. I swear they are high when they come up with this crap. But come on people, are those toys really for the cats? I would almost give up cable just to watch kitty go ape shit over a $2 piece of mylar (yeah who is high now…I said ALMOST give up cable). This is my favorite feline torture device:

But my version has four little mice at the end of each scary looking finger on this mutant gardening glove reminiscent of Freddy Kruegger. But on my glove––the mice are retractible!

The cats love the sense of actually catching said mice. Just cover your face is when kitty lets go of retractible mouse. Just saying…

As for Spiderman–he loves his rolly-ball scratching board. And his Mama.