I don’t know… Maybe it is because I could not get my work done trying to work from home. Mike seemed to think I was really just playing hooky until I bit his head off for not leaving me alone. I had so much to do, the server went down, all my files took forever to download I just could not crank like I knew I could if I was at my desk. I ended up going in for 2 hours once my street cleared. I live in town on one of those deciving little roads that takes forever to thaw. Less than a half a block from a major secondary road, they rarely bother to scrape my street. Of all days for me to not be able to get to the office, yesterday was the worst.

Knitting helped. Not because knitting is the new yoga, but because when you are too broke to do any real shopping thereapy, making new clothes is the next best thing.

Started a secong pair of fingerless gloves with a loop stitch edge. Check out Purl’s Loop Stitch Tutorial.. I am making them a little longer in the finger part. My knuckles get a little chilled in the other pair. My hands were getting cramped because it was cold out. My fingerless gloves kept my hands just wam enough to help the knitting go smoother.

But today I am still crabby. I did not sleep very good last night. I had to work on the last part of my book that I hate. And the pressure was on to finish it today and it is done. Thank God that is a load off, but I really do not feel better. But it is Friday. I have no pressing plans but to knit and wrap Christmas gifts. And knit.