10 days til My week of uninteruppted knitting and spinning bliss.

I am one of those knitter who are really good at starting projects, but lousy at finishing them.

I am currently trying to finish the Gerbera(from the knit along fall04!) I got stuck on a sleeve gone awry and put it down for about a year. I have completed on sleeve and am about 30% into the second sleeve(actually its the 3rd). I am dying to finish this puppy. I am using a yummy alpaca yarn from Elann. I am also still cranking on the denim shrug from the Interweave Spring 05 issue.

I love the knitting to be knitting, but my head fills with ideas and I want to start new stuff all the time. So I tend to forget about the knitting Zen. You know that blissful, into knitting EVERY stitch, occasionally stopping to admire the fabric as it falls from the needles in some yummy fiber and colorway you could not resist. {{{{purrrrrr}}}}}}And when I am not finishing old projects, I tend to be less into all those damn projects I start up (because truth be told, Knitting Zen is great, but new clothes are better!) I am probably about a month away from finishing a half dozen things. But I am not starting any new big sweaters until I finsh the dozen or more in my stash. Well okay, I started a sweater yesterday, but that is it. no really it is. I am however allowing myself to make some small things just to feel the satisfacton of finishing something! Besides all my big projects take WAY too much concentration, I need something to bring to Stitch and Bitch.

Since I have been spinning a lot, I have been thinking of patterns that will show off a hank or two of artfully spun yarns. My Sunday Morning girls are on a fingerless glove kick…and so am I. I whipped this pair out in a little under 3 hours.

Excuse the lousy pic, the company camera is a little far sighted

We really have lost our minds–we have a new kitty. I have never had a kitten before, all my babies have been full grown. I think her name is Trixie. I really call her Hell On Wheelsâ„¢. This week I am teaching her NEVER THE YARN. Her foster family taught her to play with the yarn. She loves to attack the knitting. She is learning that the knitting sometimes attacks back. Sweet Jesus, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not let her discover the wall o’stash before I can finish my UFOs.