Elvis Costello was my theme music during my college days. His albums are a staple in my collection. Everyone of my iPod playlists has at least one Elvis song. I love how his music has evloved during his career. His latest has a bit of a country sound to it. I am not a big country music fan, but his voice works it well. He turns 51 today. Elvis, if you were here I would give you a nice birthday spanking. I’d even let you lie about your age.

Last night I felt the earth move. My boyfriend is good but not that good. Asheville was rocked with a 3.8 earthquake. I thought the dog had flopped down on the floor, shaking the house. But California-boy knew exactly what it was.

I have nothing on eBay right now. Leaving for SanDestin in a week, so I decided to hold off and time the auction to finish as I get back in town. But, boy, do I have a ton of yarn to post. I have been spinning a lot of novelty yarn. I handpainted some commercial spun sock weight stuff. Broke down and got a roving carder to process the 11 lbs of yummy alpaca I got. All this spinning…who has time to knit. I am more excited about all the spinning and knitting time I will get on my vacation than I am about seeing the beach.

I finished the crochet edge on my half-linen stitch shrug and I absolutely hate it. It looks great on the hanger, awful on me. The edge is just too big and does not lay right. So I am ripping back to the first round of crochet scallops. Thank god it is an easy solution. But such is life when I am making this pattern up as I go. I am also working on a long skinny fashion scarf using some of the my handspun. One skein I just could not part with, another skein is a novelty yarn I am testing. The colors look so good together (This is where I should be posting some pictures if I had thought to take some huh?)