There was a chicken in the parking lot this morning. He was having breakfast with a pigeon. I have taken all kinds of crap for being from Alabama. But I have never seen a chicken in Birmingham proper. Crack addicts yes…chickens no.

Saturday Mike and I went to Smiley’s Flea Market. We got there about 3 hours later than when we should have. What can I say it was MY Saturday and I needed to sleep in. All kinds of great stuff…most of it a little pricey. But I did find a killer sterno hibachi on a lazy susan with forks and dishes and a great copper bottom saute pan. We also got lots of veggies. It was like a hispanic tailgate market. Lots of great peppers and fruit. Found some jumbo shrimp for a good price…made kabobs with the cherry tomatoes, squash and peppers from the garden.

This wheat-free thing has been hard. I am quite the foody, especially about pasta. I love making homemade bread. I am having to learn about alternative flours. Luckily there are great resources here. I am starting with some quick mixes. We taste tested the truffle brownies last night. They were pretty tasty, could not tell a difference. Going out to eat is depressing. Even at the Asian buffet, where the dumplings are my favorite. The grocery store is a challenge…there is wheat in everything. Thank god I can cook. I think meals are better from scratch, but having to learn how to adjust for such a touchy item like wheat flour will be a challenge.

My eBay listings for my yarn closed last night. I sold all three. I was surprise at which skeins were more popular. Fortunately they are the easiest to produce. Posted four more. Have about a dozen waiting to be photographed weighed and posted. May try a little stash reduction while I am at it.