Yep on first glance who would know that this was a knitting blog. For whatever reason I cannot post my pix. I have not had time to figure it out, but I guess I will eventually get there. But I have not really been knitting. My carpal tunnel and my elbow got pretty bad. I am resorting to braces. But given the insane heat (and humidity! summer in the south sux) I have not wanted to snuggle up to with a wool project.

Lark has published the Michael’s Book of Needle Crafts and yours truly has 3 patterns in that book! Should hit the shelves by next month. I just got my legwarmers back from the photoshoot (which was four months ago!)…the hottest day in a the last decade and I get my leg warmers back.

Another birthday came and went. Mike and I spent it at the yardsales then out to a chichi restaurant for dinner. It was the kind of restaurant where they give you tiny artful portions. But the food was so tasty that you could not help to eat it very slowly. It was so delicious.

My garden is looking great. I would post pics but… I planted a ton of sunflowers the did really well, my tomatoes however are struggling…some kind of disease in the soil here. But my squash is going crazy. I have enough squash frozen to last us for months. I managed to plant some more sky blue morning glories. I had some beautiful vines 2 years ago (again I would post a link to my old post… CGI nightmare) they grew up my porch and looked so beautiful…FULL of blooms every morning. Last year I managed to destroy the vines.

I have been spinning like crazy . I am about to post some of that yarn on eBay. Should go up in the next week or so. So if there are any knitter still surfing this blog (Hello {{{{echo}}}}}) then check out my stuff. Yes one day when I sprout the neccessary cerebral space to figure this CGI crap out I will have a link directly to your new hand spun yarn source. In the mean time look for “urbangypz” on eBay.